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The best response to human trafficking is to prevent people from being trafficked in the first place. Prosperity at home greatly reduces the false enticements of the trafficking trade. Help where it's most needed. Take Action. If you witness suspected human trafficking or other forms of exploitation, speak up.

What is Human Trafficking?

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has been a national leader in advocacy and education efforts related to sex and labor trafficking. These resources can help you take action if you believe there are human trafficking victims in your community. Human trafficking may be a crime against humanity, but as a human you can be the light.

Human trafficking stories. Trusted by charity rating agencies:.

She Survived Sex Trafficking and is Showing Women a Way Out | Time

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Catholic Relief Services eases suffering and provides assistance to people in need in more than countries, without regard to race, religion or nationality. We are the official overseas relief and development agency of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and a member of Caritas Internationalis. Google Tag Manager. Search keyword Share On twitter facebook linkedin pinterest email.

In Plain Sight: Human Trafficking

In some cases, they may fear their trafficker or law enforcement too much to risk seeking help. They may also be manipulated to believe that the trafficker is the only person who cares about them and that they are best off staying with their trafficker. Sex traffickers often recruit and groom people for trafficking by becoming a trusted friend or boyfriend. There are different ways to get help if you or someone you know is being trafficked or is at risk:.

The hotline is a resource for everyone from victims seeking help, to individuals with a tip to report on a potential case, to members of the public wanting to learn more about the subject - and it provides information on services available across Ontario.

People who have experienced human trafficking or domestic abuse can contact their local municipal service manager to get priority access to social housing or help paying rent. Some frontline agencies can also help survivors apply for a monthly rent subsidy. Ontario also has a unique Human Trafficking Lived Experience Roundtable to ensure survivor perspectives inform all programs and services.

Survivors, people at risk of human trafficking and parents or guardians of a child at risk of trafficking can get free legal help to apply for a restraining order against a current, past or potential trafficker. Ontario has a Human Trafficking Prosecution Team composed of specialized Crown prosecutors who are responsible for prosecuting human trafficking cases, providing legal advice to police and prosecutors, and delivering enhanced education and training within the justice sector. Ontario marks Human Trafficking Awareness Day on February 22 each year, and regularly promotes awareness through social media StopTrafficking on twitter and print materials.

Specialized youth-in-Transition Workers help to prevent the victimization of vulnerable youth transitioning out of care and connect human trafficking survivors to appropriate services and resources. Free online training is available for anyone who wants to learn about the issue at helpingtraffickedpersons.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental health also has free online training for addiction and mental health workers. Police officers receive specialized training at the Ontario Police College on how to investigate and respond to human trafficking cases using an effective, victim-centred and trauma informed approach.

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Police also receive intelligence-gathering support for human trafficking cases through Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario. Learn about what human trafficking is, what you can do to stop it and what help is available.

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7 Things You May Not Know About Human Trafficking, And 3 Ways To Help

If you are in danger now, call or your local police. On this page What is human trafficking? Knowing the signs Myths about human trafficking Who is at risk of sex trafficking Facts about sex trafficking Who is at risk of labour trafficking Facts about labour trafficking How to get help Clear browsing history What Ontario is doing What is human trafficking?

Knowing the signs Organizations that work to end human trafficking have identified a number of signs that may point to human trafficking: The person is not allowed to speak for themselves and their activities are controlled by someone else. The person is under 18 and involved in prostitution or sex work.

The person is unpaid or paid very little to work, and seems to be treated poorly long or unusual hours, not allowed breaks, forced to live in poor conditions, etc.


The person is repaying a large debt through labour or sex. They may avoid eye contact, seem fearful around police, etc. The person shows signs of abuse, such as bruising, cigarette burns, fractures, etc. Are you a victim of human trafficking? Do you have information about a potential trafficking situation?

Toggle navigation. National Human trafficking hotline. How Many Potential Victims? Transgender Female.

Let’s end human trafficking in Ontario

Transgender Male. Gender non-conforming. Check here if exploitation is occurring online. Confirmation Content Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form. Human trafficking What is human trafficking?

The People Trafficker The People Trafficker
The People Trafficker The People Trafficker
The People Trafficker The People Trafficker
The People Trafficker The People Trafficker
The People Trafficker The People Trafficker

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