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The needs of young men arriving from the Democratic Republic of the Congo can be very different from a Syrian doctor or someone who worked as a translator with the US military in Afghanistan or Iraq.

For Maxey and the IRC, this means remaining as nimble as possible. Partnering with organizations like or others that coordinate training programs for individuals with specific skills and interests is a benefit to her program and clients. Another key to longer-term success is the one-on-one follow-up her team does with both employers and employees.

Because the employer-employee relationship for recently resettled refugees often spans cultural and language differences, having a third party involved can prevent minor misunderstandings from costing individuals their jobs. Kinstep is hoping to fill this current void with offline and online meetups. Hewitt echoes the deep need for community building and its effect on the long-term success of resettlement. But he spreads the imperative beyond the refugee and immigrant communities themselves.

Part of the work of Coffee is to bring refugee lives into the open — to encourage all community members to recognize these individuals and welcome them. And these are not people that are very far away, only on your TV screen or a website.

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Sarah Cramer is a nonprofit communications and development professional with a broad range of skills and experiences including event planning, volunteer management, grant writing, and online and print communications strategies. Her goal is to inspire sustainable change in the world and contribute to organizations that promote doing well by doing good.

You must be logged in to post a comment. The challenges that migrants face today are well-known. Millions of people are fleeing from conflict or searching. I confirm that would like to subscribe to Impakter Editor's Pick Newsletter. May 4, Living the American Dream? Post a Comment cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Related posts you may also like. August 14, Philanthropy , United Nations.

American Dream

August 1, Know your basic constitutional rights. Americans are given a great deal of personal freedom by the United States Constitution, the nation's definitive document of law. Every American should know the most fundamental rights offered to them by the Constitution. Taking advantage of these freedoms can allow you to create a happy, fulfilling, and successful life for yourself. On the other hand, ignorance of these freedoms can make it easy to miss opportunities or be taken advantage of. Below are a few of the most basic rights provided by the Constitution note that these are all from the Bill of Rights — the original ten amendments to the Constitution : [6] The right to free speech including a free press, the ability to protest peacefully, and petition the government The right to practice your religion or lack thereof The right to bear arms usually refers to owning a gun Protection against unlawful search and seizure Protection against testifying against yourself in legal matters The right to a public trial by jury Protection against "cruel and unusual punishments".

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Exercise your freedom of speech. Perhaps the most-used, most-cited constitutional freedom is the freedom of speech. America is a free country — Americans are allowed to say essentially anything they want to and to express their opinions in any way as long as they do so in a way that isn't harmful to others. This means that it's legal to have virtually any personal and political beliefs and to share these beliefs with others, even if your beliefs run contrary to the established order , as long as you obey the law.

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Note that certain types of speech which are specifically intended to cause harm are not necessarily constitutionally-protected. It's also important to understand that the freedom to express yourself doesn't necessarily protect you from the consequences of your actions. For instance, if the president of a business makes racist comments that are made public, the board of directors can still fire him for this. Freedom of speech doesn't necessarily mean that nothing bad will happen to you because of what you say.

Exercise your freedom of religion. The pilgrims who traveled on the Mayflower, some of the earliest visitors to America, were people seeking a place where they could practice their religion free from harassment and persecution. Today, America maintains this attitude of religious tolerance.

The Best Cities for Living the American Dream in

Americans are free to practice whichever religion they please, or, if they prefer, to practice no religion at all. All forms of faith are allowed in the United States and officially-recognized churches are even granted tax-free status by the Internal Revenue Service.

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  7. For instance, if the members of a certain religion decided to drive their cars the wrong way on the freeway as a sign of devotion, they would still be arrested. All adult Americans are free to and generally should participate in government by voting. In most states, residents are allowed to register to vote at 18 years of age, however a few states let 17 year-olds vote. Voting allows every citizen's voice to be heard in matters of government. All citizens have equal voting power — no matter how rich, powerful, or influential someone is, she still gets the same single vote that a minimum-wage worker does.

    Note that American men must register for Selective Service "the draft" to be able to vote. Enjoy your freedom to choose how you live. In the United States, people are free to live their lives as they see fit. People can have any habit, hobby, or interest that they wish as long as it doesn't break any laws or hurt anyone else. What people do in their free time is up to them — bankers can be amateur punk rockers, dishwashers can speculate on the stock market, and electricians can study archaeology.

    People are also encouraged to choose their life's own path — no American needs to feel like there is a single "right" way to live his life. Americans are free to associate with who they want to and to pursue almost any opportunity that they wish to. Note that, while Americans are free to live their lives how they please as long they obey the law, some sorts of activities which can be seen as "victimless" in other parts of the world are illegal in the US.

    For instance, many drugs which are relatively unregulated in parts of Europe and elsewhere are illegal in part or all of the US. Challenge the mainstream freely. An important aspect of achieving the American Dream is being willing to be take a stand for your own individual principles. America has a long tradition of celebrating the type of rugged individual who's willing to "go against the group". Many famous Americans are celebrated for going against prevailing attitudes or social institutions that ran contrary to their personal beliefs.

    For instance, famous Americans like Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, and even modern icons like Steve Jobs became legendary by changing the world with their willingness to go against the grain and challenge the way the world worked.

    Being an individual means standing for your own principles and having the courage to go against popular attitudes, but it doesn't mean never accepting help from someone else. Some tasks are difficult, if not impossible without the help of others — no individual should be so proud as to think that she can do everything in the world by themselves. For example, many famous American companies were started with modest loans from friends and family or government-backed small business loans. Be innovative. Innovation has been one of America's most cherished national values for over a century and still is in the modern age.

    Innovation is often referred to for instance, by elected officials as being key to the continued growth and success of the nation. Being a successful innovator in America is a quick ticket to personal fulfillment, material success, and widespread recognition. For instance, some of America's most important innovators, like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and others are now recognized as having changed the world with their groundbreaking work. You don't have to be a modern-day Edison to have a shot at the American dream — even small, everyday innovations can substantially improve your life.

    Trump’s State of the Union: ‘Start living the American Dream’

    For instance, finding a new, more lucrative way for the company you work for to do business can earn you a promotion and the respect of your co-workers. Strive for self-improvement. It has been observed by those both inside and outside of the country that Americans have a penchant for self-education and self-improvement. No one is born knowing how to do everything he needs to know how to do to succeed.

    To achieve the sort of strong, rugged individualism that is central to the American Dream, it's essential to be willing to better yourself wherever and whenever you get the opportunity. Whether it's learning a new skill, practicing a second language, or studying strategies for business success, almost any avenue of self-improvement can help you become a stronger, more versatile, or more productive person.

    Below are just a few more ideas for self-improvement: Physical conditioning running, weightlifting, etc.

    Start Living The American Dream Start Living The American Dream
    Start Living The American Dream Start Living The American Dream
    Start Living The American Dream Start Living The American Dream
    Start Living The American Dream Start Living The American Dream
    Start Living The American Dream Start Living The American Dream
    Start Living The American Dream Start Living The American Dream
    Start Living The American Dream Start Living The American Dream
    Start Living The American Dream Start Living The American Dream
    Start Living The American Dream Start Living The American Dream

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