Scarlett and the Winter Faeries

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View 2 comments. Sep 19, Debbie rated it liked it Shelves: anthology , paranormal-romance. This anthology has 4 separate stories After struggling to point his life in the direction he wanted, he was not going to let this young lady derail him. Finding her uncooperative to communicate with made it difficult to get her back to where she belongs, until they found each other. I liked them all, I just wish it could have lasted longer. There is so much left to questions and assumptions, the story that is there is so rushed that it loses the flow and continuity several times.

Then to literally run in to a sandman and get dusted by him leaving you unconscious on the floor was not a great way to end the day. Whether she liked it or not, the sandman was going to help her find out how to save the job she loved in a town she had been a part of for so long. The character interaction was great and the admitted problems of sandman were both funny and endearing at the same time.

This is a quick burst of energy that made me laugh and still had a slightly sentimental story to go along with the adult humor. Traveling from the Isle of Man to the Isle of Manhattan, this faery had her human fathers name and not much else, but she was determined to find a father and see if his world would except her better than her mothers world ever did. Strange and fun characters, their interactions was light hearted yet urgent in their own particular cause. I liked the hero complex and the hero worship. There are so many dimensions to this particular story love, lust, acceptance, betrayal, confidence, fear, ect that it is amazing that it all fit into such a short story.

I wish there were more like this. View 1 comment. Mar 11, Blodeuedd Finland marked it as dnf. I read the first story, felt like I was drunk, it was confusing. The second I read half, and then it was ewww. Dnf Dnf. Nov 27, Shirlene added it.

Faerie Winter

She first spoke with the SUV, an Escape, that told her she was cursed by her dead archmage. Her name was Judith. She knocked on the door and it first opened by the vampire, Ezra. He got distracted and shut the door on her. It was next answered by a werewolf, Owen.

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He ran off in search of Lent leaving Scarlett to wonder whether on not to enter. She was surprised to see a dryad mostly wooden creature holding what Tall, Dark, and Not So Faery-A fairy arrived at the farm to see her brother, Lent. She was surprised to see a dryad mostly wooden creature holding what looked to be a baby with wings, her brother's child.

The next to come to the door was a human pregnant woman. Ireland stepped outside to get sick. Her human husband, Micah took her back inside for some tea. He didn't seem to notice the six foot fairy with wings standing on the doorstep and closed the door again. Scarlett continued to knock on the door off and on for the next half an hour.

She continued having a conversation with Judith. The door was finally opened by Lent. He took her inside and introduced her to everyone there. They all learned that she was sister to Lent and sent by the king of the faeries. Judith wondered if Scarlett would be hanging around for a bit. The next morning, Owen came to talk with her. Ireland came outside and Judith convinced her to drive her to the mechanic.

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The mechanic was Coffee Ray and Judith asked him to drive her home. Once there, Coffee Ray was introduced to Scarlett. Scarlett guessed that he was the son of a giant since he was 7 ft tall. Scarlett felt small next to him. He headed outside to go home when Scarlett asked him to take a walk with her. She explained that giant's have short memories and that she was surprised that his mother had stuck around for 5 whole years.

Coffee Ray hadn't thought of his time with his mother as a good thing in years. He found that he liked Scarlett and kissed her.

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They kept right on kissing until she took him in the air and they had sex while flying. He told her that he believed it was love at first sight and she agreed that it was logical. She told him that it might be possible for her to fall in love with him. He told her to hurry up because he was already there. She then agreed to take him with her to meet her brother, the king, to see if he would approve of their getting married.

Judith was in love with Owen and he was determined to break the spell put on her. It was a full moon and time for him to change into a wolf. Judith was slightly jealous because she felt that there was a female werewolf hanging around. Owen turned into a wolf and the female showed up.

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They went off together and Judith heard growling. She drove to where she saw what she thought was fighting and headed toward them to protect Owen from her. Owen jumped in front of the SUV to stop Judith and she hit him.

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She was frightened that she had hurt him but relieved to find out she didn't. The female ran off. They were all woke up by a horn honking in the morning. They went outside to check on Judith and found a naked woman standing by the car. She was honking the horn. Owen jumped in and wrapped himself around the woman. It was Judith.

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Owen had broken the spell put on her. Her intention was to find the fern and return home within 6 days. She was dressed in human clothes and was walking around a glen trying to find the fern. It grew late and she was tired. She returned to her fairy form and went to rest inside a poppy. Elder Mann's mother had died of a heroin overdose when he was a small child. He chose a new name of William Timber. He liked the name and was determined to become wealthy. He was engaged to Emily Meier of Meier Conglomerates. William was checking the location of some property outside of Seattle for the company.

Scarlett and the Winter Faeries Scarlett and the Winter Faeries
Scarlett and the Winter Faeries Scarlett and the Winter Faeries
Scarlett and the Winter Faeries Scarlett and the Winter Faeries
Scarlett and the Winter Faeries Scarlett and the Winter Faeries
Scarlett and the Winter Faeries Scarlett and the Winter Faeries
Scarlett and the Winter Faeries Scarlett and the Winter Faeries
Scarlett and the Winter Faeries Scarlett and the Winter Faeries
Scarlett and the Winter Faeries Scarlett and the Winter Faeries
Scarlett and the Winter Faeries Scarlett and the Winter Faeries

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