More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir”

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A Daughter’s “Momoir”

Feeling heard. Feeling calm. Feeling safe. Lerner, meanwhile, set out to really know the five impeccably coiffed, emotionally girded women with whom her mother played bridge every week for 50 years, and she herself learned the card game in order to plumb the bumpy humanity hidden beneath their hide-bound marry-early-and-well-and-Jewish-and-do- no t-work-outside-the-home trajectories.

Her own mother, Roz, who for years criticized every outfit Betsy showed up in, was vulnerable to her as never before. Lerner went the other way: from distance to embrace. Her mother has been on her book tour with her, both women greeting the myriad ish daughters and ish mothers eager to read a literary kumbaya instruction kit for women who still make their own Passover gefilte fish and never finish a thin mint without retouching their lipstick…and their daughters who, as teens, rolled joints on Rolling Stones album covers.

Empathy is a key to both books. People praise their generation for a stoicism we boomers supposedly lack. They can also be therapeutic, whether we see our own dyad or its opposite in their pages. The material was terrible but the tone was never self-pitying—which I admire. But she has always championed freedom of expression and speech.

She was fearless in her writing, and I am grateful that I inherited that. Lerner, for one, as a literary agent who does a fair amount with female pop stars and as a reader, has a wish list. We get it: you like to have control of your own internet experience. But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. Apr 02, Melki rated it it was amazing Shelves: memoir , hum-a-few-bars. It's a hard road but it fits your shoes.

The pain, the joy, the love and the heartbreak - stories of a life. But, this is the "official" version, the one for you to read instead of listen to Cash writes quite candidly about her relationship with her famous father, the importance of family, and her struggles with balancing her career and motherhood, Many It's a hard road but it fits your shoes. Cash writes quite candidly about her relationship with her famous father, the importance of family, and her struggles with balancing her career and motherhood, Many musicians think they can do no wrong, so it was refreshing to find Cash dissing some of her own work, particularly the song Real Woman from Interiors , the only song of hers I honestly can't stand.

I've been a fan since , though I never leaned on Cash as hard as I did after my mother died in The Black Cadillac disc, featuring songs about the deaths of Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, and Rosanne's mother, Vivian, provided a strange comfort, and I listened to it incessantly during those dark days.

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But I hear his voice close in my ear I see her smile and wave. I blink and while my eyes are closed they both have gone away -- House on the Lake Once we had a mother but that's all over now so wish her well and let her go just as soon as you know how -- Like Fugitives In the book, Cash speaks eloquently about death as something that unites us all: You begin to realize that everyone has a tragedy, and that if he doesn't, he will. You recognize how much is hidden behind the small courtesies and civilities of everyday existence. Deep sorrow and traces of great loss run through everyone's lives, and yet they let others step into the elevator first, wave them ahead in a line of traffic, smile and greet their children and inquire about their lives, and never let on for a second that they, too, have lain awake at night, in longing and regret, that they too have cried until it seemed impossible that one person could hold so many tears, that they, too, keep a picture locked in their heart and bring it out in quiet solitary moments to caress and remember.

Loss is the great unifier, the terrible club to which we all belong. If you're a Rosanne Cash fan, this is essential reading.

live through this

View all 11 comments. Sep 30, Gary Anderson rated it it was amazing. One of the most moving concert experiences I've ever witnessed was from Rosanne Cash. This was toward the end of her Black Cadillac tour. She'd done a great set, including some of her hits and some of the songs that later became The List. The audience was clearly with her. She came out for the encore seeming like she'd enjoyed herself. But she couldn't get through it. She became emotional and just stopped singing.

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John kept going and she came back to the song and finished it powerful. I've never witnessed anything so personal in such a public setting. Afterwards we hung around to see if we could talk to her, and she was as friendly and approachable as she could be. I asked her what she had originally intended to do as an encore, and she said, "Wouldn't It Be Loverly. What a delightful person. Reading Rosanne Cash's Composed was a deeply affecting experience for me. Reading about her struggles, successes, and perspectives makes me want to be quite a bit more intentional about the ways I consider family, work, art, and other people.

If you liked Bob Dylan's Chronicles , this book is better. If you admire Mary Karr's books, this one is every bit as good. If you're looking for a sappy celebrity tell-all, look elsewhere. If you're prepared to be moved and inspired, start here. View 1 comment. Sep 10, Carol rated it it was amazing. I have yet to call myself a fan of Rosanne Cash's music. She is a great songwriter, but not a lyricist of the quality of, say, Suzanne Vega, who I think possesses some of my devotion that I could have diverted to Cash. Now, Cash has finally won me over, because while her lyrics might not have Vega's poetic flexibility, her prose writing is solid and evocative.

For example, her explanation of the analog recording process is fascinating and enlightening without seeming technical, although she did I have yet to call myself a fan of Rosanne Cash's music. For example, her explanation of the analog recording process is fascinating and enlightening without seeming technical, although she did teach me a few things.

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Mostly, she explains how she misses the "hands on" sense of the analog process, from having to tune knobs precisely to cutting magnetic tape. As someone who came of age straddling the analog and digital age, her perspective fascinated me. But Cash also talks about motherhood, seeming to be still in disbelief that she had and raised five children while having a career.

Her amazement makes for some insightful writing, and some of the most convincing arguments that I a confirmed childless woman have heard for having children. Dec 10, Pris robichaud rated it it was amazing. Rosanne Cash, it seems has been writing forever. The above song was written after the demise of her first marriage. She remembers as a school child writing a sentence and feeling the extraordinary power of words. What she has given us in her memoir is a lifetime of writing that is, indeed, so beautifully written that we are transported.

We are taken to her birth which her mother related in detail so many times, Rosanne was unsure that she ever wanted children. Her life in California, the daughter of Johnny Cash and her petite mother, Vivian. Rosanne speaks of her self doubt throughout much of this book, her body, never thin enough, and the ever present shadow of her father. All of this, like most of us, has taken a lifetime of thought and experience to work through. She says at one point, "I worked out a lifetime of self-doubt and musical and emotional vulnerabilities under the spotlight. That this memoir is filled with these kinds of pearls and delectable writing should be enough, but she also graces us with a life to write about.

Rosanne lived in California as a child with both parents, but then her father split and moved to Tennessee as his career started to boom. They always had a good relationship, and even though Johnny Cash had his demons he was a wonderfully loving father. Rosanne and her sisters spent time with him every summer and at Christmas. She remembers fondly the peach ice cream he would make on hot evenings, taking everyone to the movies when it was too hot outside to play.

Eventually her stepmother, June Carter Cash entered the picture, and Rosanne found another woman to emulate and love. They spent many lovely times at their estate in Jamaica, and it was there that Rosanne discovered one night the overwhelming feeling to move on with life.

More Than All Right By Patricia A. Bird

She resisted singing like her father, the shadow was too large, but singing and writing prose and melodies overtook her, and so she persisted, and year after year she pushed on, finding her own place. A marriage to Rodney Crowell produced three lovely daughters, and she also brought up Hannah, Crowell's daughter from a previous marriage.

Although Rosanne is often classified as a country artist, her music draws on many genres, including folk, pop, rock and blues. When her marriage to Rodney Crowell ended she moved to New York City, and in she married John Leventhal, a musician and producer who produced the album 'The Wheel'.

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They have a son together, Jakob. At one point, Rosanne developed polyps on her vocal cord and could not sing, thus Rosanne picked up her writing career.

More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir” More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir”
More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir” More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir”
More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir” More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir”
More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir” More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir”
More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir” More Than All Right: A Daughter’s “Momoir”

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