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Credit: Serna, et al. The current state of invisibility research is promising, but the last truly revolutionary breakthrough was arguably the invisibility cloak created by a team led by David Smith of Duke University and Tai Jun Cui of Southeast University in Nanjing, China. Experts at the time believed we were on the verge of a breakthrough in optical manipulation and would soon be able to cloak objects using this technology. Despite this, research has managed to thrive thanks to a series of smaller, less headline-friendly advances from scientists around the globe.

How Does This Invisibility Cloak Work?

The team in Spain decided to adjust a technique known as plasmonic cloaking — making microwaves invisible — to render an object invisible to the naked eye without the need for the actual cloak. Their work uses a process called scattering cancellation to, basically, make two objects reflect light off of one another in a way that makes both of them appear invisible.

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  • Study opens a new route to achieving invisibility without using metamaterials.
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Hopefully history repeats itself, and the theories presented by the team in Spain inspire someone to build a working inner invisibility machine prototype. But, at the end of the day, the external cloak method is still the most promising. Those photos and videos can then be saved to your camera roll, and posted anywhere you would like to show off a vanishing act.

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Of course, you are not actually disappearing. I played with an early prototype of the Invisibility Cloak at the New York Toy Fair last February, and as a big Potter fan, the effect that version created really made me feel like I was playing with the cloak seen in the films. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the cloak itself is not transparent to the wearer, but the point is more to take fun photos and videos than to actually sneak around.

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    Invisibility cloaking and electromagnetic wormholes

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