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Keys to cost-effective relocation management

Companies work with us because they trust us to get them quicker data and quicker answers, so they can make smart talent decisions faster. With global mobility professionals in eight countries across three continents, CapRelo has the international relocation and assignment services your company needs, no matter where you or your talent are located. With CapRelo, you get not only a proven partner and network who can navigate anywhere on the globe, but you also have a resource who employs proven industry-thought leaders as trusted advisors who will provide you with the right information needed to make your global program a success.

Communication begins with understanding your policies, procedures and culture.

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This allows for our counselors to conduct an in-depth and meaningful consultation where we will analyze your needs, ensure that the counselors understand the benefits associated with the move, and that we understand your specific requirements. We coordinate the packing, unpacking and storage of items while also carefully monitoring and auditing service providers for charges that are within policy, approved and correct. Relocation expense management and accounting is a unique and specialized component of the relocation process, and CapRelo has demonstrated experience and strength in this component for over 30 years.

Our fully in-sourced team can manage all expense management requirements, including reporting, payroll integration, and tax services.

International assignments – Short Term Business Visitors - BDO - BDO

CapRelo delivers visa services through a partner specializing in Global Immigration and Migration services. CapRelo coordinates all aspects of the process to ensure necessary documents are obtained, applications are submitted, and approvals are received. We track and report visa and work permit status and send automated alerts to our client. Cultural and language education provides employees critical information about managing cultural differences as well as strategies to manage those differences to their advantage.

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We take the administrative burden of compensation collection away from your team, letting you concentrate on more strategic objectives. Taking the worry out of moving to a new location with a destination specialist ensures your assignee is taken care of and understands any country-specific requirements.

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With our high quality and vetted destination services partners across the globe, we have the network in place to secure the right choice for home finding, area tours and settling-in services. No matter where your assignees are moving, our seasoned assignment managers will ensure they will have a complete understanding of policies, procedures and culture of their new international destination. Our assignment managers will analyze assignee needs to ensure that each assignees knows and is comfortable with all of the steps to a successful assignment—from getting household goods across oceans to learning the right culture and language training, or coordinating visa and immigration needs, and more.

CapRelo can assist the assignee with securing rental accommodations in the host location.

International Assignment Compensation Services

Once the assignee selects a rental property CapRelo can arrange for the payment of the security deposit and advance rental payments, if needed. In addition, CapRelo can arrange for ongoing rent and utility payments. Our assignment managers can help your assignees with lease terminations, local authority deregistration, utility cancellation. Our Incident Response service ensures we provide the information and resources needed to help your best asset remain safe. At CapRelo, our global network of local moving heroes is a consistent producer of great news for our corporate clients.

Our Global Move Management network partners with these local heroes to ensure we have the technology and the team in place to overcome any challenges, while delivering efficient global moving services.

TRC will work closely with your company to develop a best-practice global mobility policy that supports your culture and business and talent management objectives. For companies with a policy already in place, we will benchmark your current policy against your industry peers and industry best practices to assess its competitiveness.

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To help your company plan, TRC will develop a comprehensive assignment budget that reflects current cost-of-living information, housing data, education costs and other essential elements. Our Global Assignment Counselors track and report budget-to-actual performance regularly.

After your employee accepts an international assignment, TRC will generate an assignment letter, outlining all of the key terms of the assignment, including location, job details, duration, compensation and benefits. We provide customized information, including guidebooks, school information and maps. When an assignment fails, it is usually due to family issues, not job-related ones.

Finding meaningful activities for the spouse or partner is critical to the success of the assignment. Basic competency in the host country language is enormously useful for everyday living and casual business interaction.

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TRC coordinates language training tailored to the needs of the assignee and family. Your assignees will better understand the negotiation process and typical business cycles in the host office, how to manage a diverse workforce and what are acceptable behaviors in the office and at other business functions. By structuring compensation packages properly, companies can significantly reduce assignment costs and minimize tax burdens.

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Our service partners are global leaders in expatriate tax consultation and preparation. Working with our noted visa and immigration partners, we will compile required documents from your company and the assignee, ensure that applications are processed, assist with appeals, ensure all deadlines are met and track renewal milestones during the assignment.

International Service Assignment International Service Assignment
International Service Assignment International Service Assignment
International Service Assignment International Service Assignment
International Service Assignment International Service Assignment
International Service Assignment International Service Assignment
International Service Assignment International Service Assignment
International Service Assignment International Service Assignment
International Service Assignment International Service Assignment
International Service Assignment

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