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Autoflowering Seeds In a hurry? The landscape, especially on the eastern bank facing Mordor, gets more and more barren and foreboding. The next night, Frodo keeps watch, and, as expected, he sees a dark shape swim up close to the boats. The hobbit draws his sword and the shape disappears. The next day, the Company paddles more swiftly, fearful that their tracker will inform the Enemy of their whereabouts. Indeed, when they find themselves suddenly in the rapids of Sarn Gebir, they are forced to turn around and make for the shore with Orc arrows whistling over their heads.

Just as the Company reaches the shore, a dark shape in the sky comes speeding up from the south, filling the Company with terror. Frodo suddenly feels the pain of the old wound in his shoulder. Legolas grabs his new bow, lets fly an arrow, and sends the flying form crashing down on the other side of the river. They hear no more from the Orcs that night. Frodo refuses to say to the others what he thinks the flying shape might have been.

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The next morning, though Boromir tries mightily to convince the Company to make for Minas Tirith, they decide to push on further along the river. To get past a set of rapids, they use an old portage road to carry the boats and gear to where the river runs smooth again.

They are the alleged source of coconut pearls. As I stated above, I have never seen a "blind" coconut. View inside of an old coconut that has started to germinate. The embryo mostly cotyledon has enlarged and penetrated the interior of the coconut black arrow. The cotyledon develops into a spongy mass that fills the interior seed cavity.

It dissolves and absorbs the nutrient-rich endosperm tissue to supply the developing shoot with sugars and minerals. This sweet mass of tissue is called the "coconut apple" and is essentially the functional cotyledon of the seed. It is eaten as a nutritious delicacy in many tropical regions. Although the oval structure in this photo has the general size and shape of a so-called "coconut pearl," it is not calcareous.

A many-faceted druse crystal of calcium oxalate black arrow in a three-year-old stem of American basswood Tilia americana. The crystals are formed within the central vacuoles of parenchyma cells in the cortex region just outside the phloem. Peculiar, crystal-bearing cells are sometimes called crystalliferous idioblasts.

The unusual one-seeded fruits are covered with numerous shiny brown scales and superficially resemble a closed pine cone.

Flying Seeds

Upper Right: The seed endosperm has been cut in half using a hacksaw blade. Lower Right: The hard endosperm has been carved into a bowl. References About Coconut Pearls Anon. Armstrong, W. Brown, G, S. Kelly, and J. Corner, E. The Natural History of Palms. University of California Press, Berkeley.

Fairchild, D. Haile, N. Harries, H. Heiser, C. Hunger, F. Krikorian, A. Reyne, A. Jardin bot de Buitenzorg Netherlands Zoology 8: Rumphius, G. Herbarium Amboinense. Volumes Den Haag, Amsterdam. Veldkamp, J. The Mystery Unravelled. Ficus carica has 2 sexual forms, the "male" caprifig and the female tree edible fig.

Caprifig trees are monoecious with separate male staminate flowers and short-style female pistillate flowers within the syconia. It is functionally male because it produces pollen. The caprifig syconia also contain wasp larvae inside the ovaries of female flowers because the egg-laying wasp is able to oviposit through the short styles into the ovaries of these flowers.

Since a hungry wasp larva occupies each ovary, fig seeds generally do not develop. Edible Calimyrna fig syconia contain only long-style female flowers. Seeds develop within the ovaries of these flowers since the styles are too long for the female wasp to oviposit through.

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Her ovipositor is not long enough to penetrate the ovaries of these flowers so she does not deposit an egg. Fig seeds develop inside the ovaries of long-style flowers since there is no larva to eat them. Close-up view of a male and female fig wasp Pleistodontes imperialis that inhabits the syconia of the Australian rustyleaf fig Ficus rubiginosa.

The slender ovipositor on female wasp is too short to penetrate the ovary of long-style flowers; therefore she does not lay eggs in these flowers. The smaller, wingless male has large mandibles and a greatly reduced body which has two primary purposes: 1 Inseminating the female and 2 Chewing exit tunnels through the syconium wall through which the females escape.

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The "eye" of an ordinary sewing needle is shown for a size comparison. These wasps were collected from trees growing by the old Life Science building. The biology students were always amazed when I brought them into my laboratory classes. A non-pollinator "bogus" fig wasp collected from the syconium of the Baja California wild fig Ficus palmeri , or possibly Ficus brandegeei.

The ovipositor is much longer than the symbiotic pollinator wasp. In fact, some non-pollinator wasps can penetrate the entire syconium wall from the outside. Non-pollinators can also lay eggs in long-style fig flowers reserved for fig seeds. Consequently, no seeds are produced in these flowers. In addition, these "bogus" fig wasps do not pollinate fig flowers.

Flying Seeds - Book 2 Flying Seeds - Book 2
Flying Seeds - Book 2 Flying Seeds - Book 2
Flying Seeds - Book 2 Flying Seeds - Book 2
Flying Seeds - Book 2 Flying Seeds - Book 2
Flying Seeds - Book 2 Flying Seeds - Book 2
Flying Seeds - Book 2 Flying Seeds - Book 2
Flying Seeds - Book 2 Flying Seeds - Book 2
Flying Seeds - Book 2 Flying Seeds - Book 2

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